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Hello lovely followers and new readers! As most of you know I have two lovely little pug princesses that are a big part of my crazy life. I’ve been trying to keep my youtube channel somewhat updated with their troublesome adventures, therefore below, I have included two videos from the past month!

The first one is a look into the first week I brought Eleven “home” to Grandma’s house to get acquainted with Mavis and myself. This time happened to fall while Caleb was off in California for training, so it was an all girls adventure in bringing this tiny soul into our lives. Mavis and Eleven have been best friends ever since meeting and they constantly play back and forth.

The second little clip is from Mae’s first time “home alone,” while Caleb and I took a couple of hours to do errands. What a sad little girl she was. While Eleven was confined to her crate, Mavis took her “freedom” aimlessly roaming around in a confused state of solidarity.

I hope you enjoy the videos above and if you would like to subscribe to our youtube channel, we would love that (unfortunately we can’t even name our channel until we have 100 followers! Okay youtube this is one of the most stupid official rules!)!


Cass, Mav, & Ele



I was so excited to receive my box on Monday night full of wonderful spoon approved goods! As promised I made this cute little display to show off what’s in my Be Kind To One Another Box from Cass! This box of gifts made its way all the way from Australia and includes:

I have tried a few products already including the mineral blush, Brazilian Beauty body lotion, Argan Oil, lip balm, and Face Cream and all of it is so wonderful. I felt like I million bucks last night pampering in my goodies. I can’t wait to try out the rest and I am so grateful for being nominated and chosen for one of these amazing boxes.

I have a picture in the side bar that links right to Cass’s Youcaring page for donations if you are interested.




In honor of my birth month and Valentine’s Day, I decided to participate in some self love and treat myself. First and foremost, Eleven will be coming home at the end of the month and I am so excited to have her in our lives! Mavis will have so much fun being a big sister and having a playmate. We got to visit our little pipsqueak last weekend and instantly fell head over! She is one of nine puppies and the runt of the litter. We’ve already gotten her crate, food, puppy pads, a collar, and some toys! She’ll be using some of Mavis’s hand-me-downs, but I don’t think she’ll mind!

In addition to my puglet, I finally caved in and got my septum pierced today! It wasn’t bad at all, but then again I had nine piercings before adding this one to the mix, so I might not be the best judgement of pain. The jewelry that the piercer used is huge, so I am looking forward to downsizing in the form of this gorgeous jewelry from Etsy! I had been wanting this one for a long time, but always “chickened out” because of what others would think. I really like it and I think that it adds a bit of feminine edge, when done right, to your look!

I wanted to get a few pieces to add to my wardrobe in addition to my septum scheptum. I got a pair of joggers in black because being comfy is key to life. If I can look decent while wearing pajama-like clothes, I’ll have a good day ahead. Urban Outfitters happened to have quite a few different lounge pants on sale, so I snagged some in my favorite color that says maybe I can still be fashionable while managing to balance my inner slob.

I also loved this roll bag that features vegan leather. I had taken a long purse hiatus, but girls need their stuff you know? I might just have to do a “what’s in my bag” post to celebrate my responsible purse-wearing self. We’ll have to see!

I got these cute no-show socks because wearing vans slip-ons with regular socks looks hilariously like a rendition on the old man with high socks and Birkenstocks look, which is not my thing.


Ultimately a great little haul. I’ve decide to splurge one more time, but this is more of a joint gift from my love and myself in the form of microbladed eyebrows!! I have been teased about my eyebrows since I was child. I have naturally very thin eyebrows which had lead people to think I over tweeze (never have I!). My brother used to call me browless growing up and I have been secretly obsessing over Little Linda‘s amazing brow work. I have a half sleeve (which I’m going to continue on, slowly-but-surely) and a few here-and-there tattoos, so I’m not really to scared about the process. I trust Linda and I am so excited to get my dream brows (especially in time for my wedding!)!

Remember to treat yourself every now and then! You deserve it after all!


Cass & Mav

Pugs, Pugs, Pugs

Yesterday Mavis celebrated her first birthday! I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast. She has been a true blessing in my life and a huge help to my mental health. Mavis is my emotional support animal, so her and I have a special connection and she is allowed to travel with me to help manage my anxiety and depression. To help celebrate her special day, Caleb and I gifted her a giant “Lambchop” stuffed lamb because when I first got her, I gifted her a mini one and it became her favorite toy to play with. We were so busy yesterday with cake tasting and meeting with our photographer that we didn’t even get to do much, plus I had a bad pain day which left me bed ridden for the rest of the evening, but today we are planning on bringing her to PetsMart and Hobby Lobby. That way she can get a pup-pie and a special treat, plus we have some wedding DIYs supplies to buy! She is my little best friend and I am so happy she’s in my life.

In addition to celebrating Mavis’s birthday in the form of her favorite plush, we also got her a little sister! Meet Eleven, our newest family member! She is two weeks and next weekend we get to visit her. We decided on the name Eleven Mauvé for our gorgeous black baby; Eleven is from one of our favorite series, Stranger Things, and the name Mauvé (pronounced Mauve-aye) was a name I made up when I was around the age of ten and always said that would be the name of my future pug!


We are so excited to start this new chapter in our life and for Mavis to have a playmate. She’s been down in the dumps, as have I, since losing our beloved kitty, Oliver. Mavis used to play with him all the time [there’s a cute clip in the video I made showing this], so she’s been lonely. We wanted her to have a playmate that she could really get along with and pugs can’t really hurt each other because of their short muzzles. Pugs are my absolute favorite and I am so excited to get our baby home in a month or so. Proud pug addict and momma!


Cass & Mav

October 7th

These are the beautiful trees we will marry under (Mint Photography)

We have been so busy with wedding planning since the new year and are so incredibly excited and overjoyed to tie the knot in front of our friends and family. Our official date is on a wonderful fall Saturday; October 7th holds special meaning for us, so the date couldn’t be more perfect! After some decision crunching we decided to pick a beautiful Spanish-styled mansion in Belton, Texas as our venue. It’s thirty minutes from our home and a great central location for my side of the family. Caleb and I toured the property two weeks back and immediately knew we wanted it for one of our most important days of our lives. La Rio Mansion is so gorgeous and had all the amenities we were looking for! Absolutely breathtaking scenery is included with some ingenius sleeping plans for the wedding weekend!

(Rachel Whyte Photography)

Getting the date and venue secured are major relieves as those are two of the biggest choices picked by brides and grooms, but we did not stop there and kept moving on forward our path to Robinson. In addition to our gorgeous venue, we have a photographer, florist, and wedding cake baker! We are narrowing in so many details that it’s getting more and more real. Our theme is a bohemian / greenery theme that will included dreamcatchers by the most amazing Genga from Spokewoven! I’m so overly excited, I can’t even begin to explain what this date will mean to both of us.

Below I’ve included some of my favorite pins of our wedding ideas we have in mind! To view more of my pins, check out my wedding board!

Tulle & Chantilly

That’s all for now! So excited (sarcasm) to start my last semester on Monday.


Cass & Mav


If you have never lost a pet, it is indescribable sorrow. Mixed emotions of being grateful for all the wonderful memories that you shared together, but deep loss that you no longer will share your days together. Oliver was my cat of eleven years. I adopted him in Carteret county in North Carolina where I was told he was born under a house during a hurricane. I originally wanted a female cat badly and Oliver was “marked” as female under the name April. After looking at all the cats and kittens in the shelter, only this beautiful grey tabby kitten was interested in me. I decided that “April” was destined to be mine. The shelter worker examined the little three-month-old kitten and responded that I would not want this one. I was confused. This kitten was so perfect and precious. The lady told me that she was actually a he. I was a little dismayed, but I was in love! There was no changing my mind. My dad and I payed the adoption dues and Oliver became my 13th birthday present although I got him on November 16, 2005, three months before my birthday. Oliver was flea covered, so we worked hard on getting him healthy. By my side through several moves, Oliver was the only cat alongside four dogs and even more special, he belonged to me. I went through major life changes with him there and he was often the fur I cried on through numerous heartbreaks. He was generally a healthy boy despite having horrible allergies and he had severe PTSD around veterinarians, after my mom made him get declawed as a kitten. In his later years he became the sweetest boy; nudging anybody’s head that was close. In 2014 he began having seizures, so I made sure he got a whole work up to find the source of the problem. The vet couldn’t exactly say why Oliver began having these kind asides other than sometimes older cats develop seizures in rare cases. Despite getting yearly vaccinations and examinations, a feline leukemia test came back with a slight positive. I worked in the vet industry for three years and my animals’ health was extremely important to me, so I was shocked and saddened, as well as clueless as to how he could have gotten this disease. Oliver did not spend anytime near other cats and h was strictly an indoor cat. My only speculation is that maybe he picked it up from a house I moved into or maybe the could’ve gotten it from his mother. After a year of Valium therapy, Oliver’s seizures luckily stopped. He was an amazing cat. He loved hiding in boxes and when he was younger he loved licking ‘Gogurt’ frozen yogurt. He often would carry around socks or gloves meowing letting us know he had killed his next victim. He was my best friend and he will be heavily missed. This past Wednesday he went to heaven after having breathing difficulties and no appetite. Upon taking him to the vet, they found he had fluid in his chest and around his heart. I was there with him as he left this world and I hope I get to see him again when I do.

In loving memory of Oliver April “Mr. Kitty” (September 2005 – January 2017)


The tiny house movement has taken the nation by storm and with economic and environment friendly options, it’s no clue as to why. I have definitely spent the past couple of years drooling over the amazing tiny houses that have been produced by talented designers across the U.S. Why are so many people turning to tiny houses as their dream retirement homes? I believe it is because of a few intelligent reasons. Firstly, the house is relatively affordable. You can have the house designed to fit your exact liking using maximize space. Usually these houses can be easily transported to your desired location. Unlike your standard house, tiny houses are often mobile and can essentially travel with you across thousands of miles! Just think, you never have to pack and unpack boxes for moving again if you tire of your surroundings! Most people choose a scenic location to enjoy their small living, but city options are also available. Plus, you won’t have to worry about loud neighbors for long. Another perk of a small house, easy cleanup. If you have a small living space, you automatically will clean after yourself more because you will see your “mess” every day if you don’t. No more wasted hours spring cleaning. You’ll maximize your space with clever storage options that will help effectively tackle your clutter. Although it will initially be a huge downsize in most cases, the space one lives in does not determine happiness; the people you surround yourself and how you respond to circumstances does. The environment friendly houses are decreasing the space that takes to permanently place a house, reducing the “footprint” left on our precious land. Many small houses include eco-friendly appliances and water options to reduce pollution.

I personally, want a tiny house because I often get overwhelmed at the house chores that get piled up and ignored over weeks and weeks. Often we have the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” living concept, which becomes pretty embarrassing with unexpected visitors. I live with my boyfriend, his brother, and three pets, but I spend about 95+% time in my bedroom alone, which is about 200 square feet, so I already appreciate a cozy living space. Everything you need is close by, which means you don’t have to run across a cold tile floor, half naked, for a midnight snack. A small place is practical for my anxiety as well because I feel comfortable in small space, almost as if it is a blanket wrapping around me. My collections can actually be appreciated on a daily basis and not just displayed in an empty spare bedroom. The temperature also can be easily regulated. Think how economically friendly heating and cooling a small place is, in comparison to a large space. The entire space will actually feel the temperature you are desiring and you won’t feel frustrated with constant temperature adjusting that just never reaches you. I won’t have the panic that I feel when I cannot locate my troublesome hiding kitty cat as I would be able to see him from almost any location in the house!

Of course sacrifices must be made for a small house. Limited space means limited belongings. This includes clothing, shoes, furniture, décor, dvds, etc. Since I am at such a young age right now, I do not have many possessions that I deem necessary to hold on to, so a tiny house might just be the perfect option for someone like me. I also know that I would like to relocate in the future depending on where my career and schooling takes me. My dream location is somewhere around the Washington or Oregon area where I would love to hike in my spare time and enjoy beautiful nature. If you haven’t considered a small house, I definitely think you should consider it an option. Think about living your life practically loan free for permanent housing! If that doesn’t hook you, the previous perks mentioned above might just sway you. I’ve included some tiny houses that I am head over hills in love with. I am especially smitten with shipping container homes too!

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