One Hundred Pounds

I wanted to talk a little about my weight loss journey because I have yet to share my success with you all, given my illness set backs. I have battled with my weight most of my life. I was severely bullied as a child when I moved from Cuba to North Carolina. I had no self confidence and I endured something as a child that I, nor any child or anyone, should ever had to. At that time, I was a bit overweight, but with the cruelty inflicted on me from my classmates, I turned to food to comfort my aching heart. By the time I was sixteen I was about 215 pounds, obese for my 5’2″ petite frame, which caused multiple dislocations of my kneecaps and hips. I have suffered with anxiety and depression from my trauma as a child to the point that suicide seemed like a good option. I was constantly dieting and had poor self image for years and years. I moved to Texas when I was fifteen years old and decided after a year living here, that I would start taking things in to consideration especially since I was so entirely unhappy and basically slept in my spare time. With the help of my dad I found a weight loss and nutrition camp that I committed to. I lost about thirty pounds in 8 weeks and learned the in and outs about good and bad calories, fats, and what-nots. The next year I gained about ten pounds back, but did relatively well compared to others. I had a little bout of eating disorder tendencies the next year or so, which was hard for me because I was so focused on wanting to be thin. I decided to do a second summer at camp, spending twelve weeks focusing on nutrition, running, working out, and mentoring younger kids with weight issues. I lost forty more pounds that summer with a total weight loss of sixty pounds. Learning this information set me up for future success. I went back to my last year of high school and was even on the cross country team, but I fell back into my ways and my weight rocketed to 230 after my sophomore year of college. I felt like an utter failure after so many people looked at me as a type of success. I hit rock bottom and was ready to give up on life all together after several family issues hit all at once. December 2012, I was done. I sat in the bathtub with a box cutter to my wrist crying because I didn’t have the guts to do it, but wanted to badly to leave the world I was in. I prayed harder than I ever did before that God would guide me. That I would find someone to love me, that I would love myself, and that I could gain my health back. I didn’t have any motivation left, I was ready to just call it and say screw this shitty hand I have been dealt with. I had been on different anti-depressants since the age of sixteen and I was considering electroshock therapy after none of them worked longtime. That May (2013), I had weight loss surgery. It’s something I haven’t opened about at all because I am so shamed from it (having lost weight naturally before and trying to hide my gain back), but it saved my life. With the nutrition I learned previously and this much needed push to get me back on my feet again, I lost 100 pounds to the current weight I am now. I began enjoying life again and exercising often. I pushed myself to be the best I could and until I started getting sick in Fall of 2014, I was doing great. As most of my followers know, I began having fainting spells and heart issues starting September 2014. I had chronic diarrhea for over a month and my heart had to be defibrillated because I went into atrial fibrillation. I was physically ill for months. I dated a man for almost two years and felt emotionally empty. I started becoming depressed and began having emotional problems again. I didn’t  gain weight, but I was, again, in a pit. I often skipped meals or when I did eat, chose the unhealthiest options. The guy I was with did not support my illness, despite putting on a good front. He did not motivate me. Despite not being able to drive and him not having a job, we constantly fought because he didn’t want to be burdened with driving me to class because his video games took priority. His ex used this against me with my once “friend” who told her all of this and therefore was told I’m handicap and can’t do things for myself. My ex never complimented me because “I should know that I’m pretty already.” He scared me after I had a bad reaction with ambien right after my brain surgery where he broke numerous things in our room forcing me to call my mom to save me. He had bad rage issues and I felt I was walking on eggshells every time I was around him. I never felt good enough. I was second choice to his games. I got tired of the pain and I wasn’t strong enough to break away, but luckily I called a break and he ended it because my strength was not there and I would’ve fell back into unhealthy ways. I moved in with my mom when I met the love of my life soon after. Recalling how I felt back in June/July to now, it was the best possible thing that could’ve happened. I think of how much I have been through and what I continue to fight and think that my past thought me what I deserve and how to stand up for myself. I am currently maintaining my weight for over a year now and am off my antidepressants all together. I am genuinely happy and although sometimes my chronic illness can make me feel like it’s too much sometimes, I think of what I came from and what I have ahead of me. I am now happily at 130 pounds and am making healthy changes to help improve my lifestyle. I am doing a plank challenge currently which is a 28-day tummy toning commitment. I have turned in the diet cokes for diet green tea and am trying to watch what I eat, but still indulging in my Taco Bell/ Taco Casa addiction every once in awhile. Now that I am moving to Ft. Hood with my fiancé, we plan on working out and shaping up for our wedding next year. Caleb pushes me to be the best I can and I know he loves me regardless of what I am or what I become. I’m not used to someone constantly telling me I’m beautiful and that they love me all day. It’s something every woman and man deserves, so if it isn’t in your life now, find it. I usually eat small meals because I get full very easily and I have been a vegetarian for over 11 years. I started eating shell fish about a year ago in attempts to see if a lack of protein caused me to be sick. I only rarely eat crab and shrimp and everything else is meat free. My goals is to get my pain under control so I can start back on my exercise regimen. I love hiking and really want to be able to get back into my hobby. I’m ready to kick it into gear for my wedding! I’d like to tone up and lose at least ten pounds. My fiancé is looking to lose around thirty pounds and is doing a fantastic job. We move in next week and start our next chapter so I will be posting progress and plans!

Love to all and push forward.

Chiari Malformation Month (September)

Hey guys!

So this is delayed because I had a difficult time working iMovie, youtube, and all the ins and outs of the technological platform, but I finally finished my Chiari Malformation Awareness video for September (Chiari Malformation Awareness Month)! In this video I discuss how I came about my diagnosis and the challenges I continue to face living with this invisible illness. If you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to ask!




Well I’ve been a busy busy busy bee! First of all I started back to school and that has occupied all my free time. I’m taking five classes for my last fall semester in college: Organic Chemistry, Exercise Physiology, Biology Seminar, Pathophysiology, and Abnormal Psychology. So far I’m doing relatively well for such a full load, but chemistry will always be my down fall. I have to focus and buckle down to get ahead. 

Other news, I got engaged! The man of my dreams got down on one knee on October 7th and I say yes without hesitation. Caleb is my best friend and my soulmate. I knew pretty quickly that he was the one for me. If you haven’t found your significant other yet, let me tell you, love at first sight is possible because it happened for us. I can’t write enough to explain my absolute admiration for this man. His soul, his humor, his smile, his eyes, his everything… I love it. He’s the reason I wake up with a smile and go to bed with sweet dreams. Having a long distance relationship is difficult, but it has been well worth it and I will be moving mid October to join his side.

 I’m so entirely excited for our upcoming plans: house decorating, furniture shopping, wedding plans! I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with him! Caleb, Mavis, and Oliver, my little family is perfect! I’ve never been so happy in my life. That explains my absence! My goals are to survive this semester and prep for my last one in the spring, plan an amazing wedding with my fiancé, get in shape with my honey for our big day, get married to Caleb in front of God, my family, and friends, and graduate with my bachelors in Biology and a minor health professions. 

As far as my spoonie situation, things have gotten worse. I had a pain management appointment back in late August where I received six large injections in my back with the hopes of relieving my pain. I was numb with a pinching for less than 24 hours. My back has been excruciating. I went to the doctors and almost passed out in the clinic from the severe pain. I received a renewal on my pain medication (luckily, because I was petrified I would not get refill), a muscle relaxer prescription, and a shot of toridol. My mother had to pick me up and I slept as soon as I got home for a solid two or three hours until Mavis demanded my attention. I’m becoming less hopeful about my situation with my back, but hopefully I’ll be receiving better medical care here in the near future. I’m constantly praying that my back will become manageable and that I can live without being dependent on pain meds. Thank you to all that continue to follow my difficult but lovely journey. To all my spoonies, don’t give up. You do have a purpose; if I have one (I want to be a great wife), you surely do too. 



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 Rollercoaster. That’s what my life has become. So many ups and downs. I had an amazing trip to Galveston. I stayed with my best friend, Dianne for a glorious week by the beach! The water was amazing and the weather, so pleasant! I took Mavis along with me and she got to enjoy her very first beach list and could not get enough. She officially loves sand: eating it, tossing it, and covering her bitty body with it! She also is a professional seashell collector and bird chaser. Galveston is such a dog friendly area and I was imagining my future along the coast with my curly-tailed babe. I collected so many sea shells and enjoyed hours at a time on the shore.

Along with the much needed and wonderful getaway, I started talking to a certain someone. At first it was friendly hellos and cute little questionnaires. What started as an interesting chat became so much more. I have found my soulmate. I know this seems sudden and completely out of the blue, but I think when you know, you know and well, I know, at least I’m fairly certain. This man treats me so incredibly and accepts me for all that I am. I’m not an easy package and I know this. How do I say, “Hey, I have a chronic illness and bunch of issues, and I’m sorry, but this is who I am”, and expect another to say “okay, I want you regardless.” Not an easy task to take on and it makes opening up hard, but I did and to my surprise, I was accepted. Chivalry is not dead, I know this to be true now. Caleb treats me with the upmost respect and I feel at peace around him. I think we just connected right away and we have so much in common. I think all my praying and hoping has finally paid off. I’m passionate about our relationship. I think it’s easy to say that this is the one for me. C is already my best friend and I’m not one that easily trusts others, but yet, it’s so natural for me to trust him.


With joy comes pain. My pain has been unbearable lately. The past three days I have basically been bed ridden with severe back pain, debating whether or not to make he emergency room trip. I constantly worry that this is what my life will become: Days at a time suffering. Tomorrow I have a pain clinic appointment to hopefully get this under control. I also got news that I cannot be genetically tested through my health network because they don’t do that type of testing. I basically have to research on my own to get my diagnoses, but I just don’t have the energy or time right now and it’s just a label, isn’t it? If this pain doesn’t subside, I don’t know what I’ll do. I need tomorrow to come so I can see if this pain relief will come.

In other bad news, my finances are quickly diminishing. My parents are divorcing and so their finances are suffering too. I don’t have enough money for classes or even enough to live on hardly. I’m so stressed. I don’t know if I will be able to graduate this May after all, if I don’t have enough money for it. I wish I could change so many things, so many stupid decisions. I have blown through my money. I’m the typical dumb young person. I thought I was ahead by having a savings account, but that can only go so far. I finally was able to make a payment while awaiting my loan to go through, thanks to my dad


One last thing! I’m hosting a fundraiser to help support my living and medical bills. Bravelets are wonderful little bracelets in all different styles that say ‘brave’ to support a cause. They come in a number of different colors, but the featured are some of my favorites: glacier blue, pink, and silver. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Cass & Mav


e.l.f. Skin Care Routine


So, you may not know this, but Eyes Lips Face, more commonly referred to as e.l.f.,  released a new skin care line available at Walmart recently, and I was one of the lucky few to get my hands on the trial edition last weekend. I also snagged some night cream from the line, but the cashier I had was a rather old, mean lady that refused to sell it to me because it was not in the system. The cashiers I’ve had previously that came across this problem would simply asked me, “how much did the item cost”, and I would give my answer and then they would simply enter into the cash register that they sold item for such amount. Obviously, this lady wasn’t going to take anybody for their word and said, “well I can’t sell this to you, sorry.” Honestly, even if I tried to debate this, it would literally take forever for some night cream, so I figured to the heck with it!

First off, I like the simplicity of the packaging and the neutral color choice, it just gets across that it’s here to clean your mess of a face up. I have used this now for about two weeks and it makes my face feel fresh and definitely moisturized. My face is baby smooth and I really love that e.l.f. Is a cruelty-free company, so I know that animals are not being tested on for selfish esthetic needs. The price definitely appeals to me as well, as expensive skin care lines beg you to sign up for an automatic reorder (when a trial hasn’t even started). I was hesitant about and illuminating eye cream in the skin routine care, but now I have noticed how my bags are slowly fading and I look much more rested, whether I get the needed rest or not!

Clear Complexion. Disclaimer: Snapchat filter not included.

My few complaints are that the face wash bottle has a faulty cap that sometimes doesn’t secure properly, leading to spilt dreams. Also, the pump for the moisturizer doesn’t pump the right amount of product very well. I often have to take it off completely. Other than the mechanical set backs, the products are well made and smell great. I can tell a difference in my skin, including the disappearance of dark under bags, a brighter and clearer complexion, and less oil buildup. Overall, I think that this skin line is a definite try.

e.l.f. Skincare Starter Kit:

  • Daily Face Cleanser, 3.71 fl oz; Daily Hydration Moisturizer, 2.53 fl oz; Illuminating Eye Cream, 0.49 oz
  • Daily Face Cleanser gently cleanses and hydrates
  • Illuminating Eye Cream helps moisturize delicate under-eye area
  • Daily Hydration Moisturizer hydrates and nourishes


Over It

So a lot, and I mean a lot, has happened over the past two to three weeks. My life has decided to completely fall apart leaving me in many severed pieces. First off, I’m newly single. Almost a two-year relationship over. I’m a little broken inside, but I will move on. I will find the man of my dreams, who will treat me with the respect and love I deserve. So I moved in with my mom. Lots of boxes, lots of arguing, lots of pain (physical and emotional). My life continues to shred: my computer crapped out, I quit my job due to pain and school, and I had a visit with two doctors, who basically are predicting I will be in pain for the rest of my life. Real peachy, right? So I’m a broken pathetic mess. My hair is now blonde and I’d like to go icy blonde. After your heart is torn into pieces, all you can think about is changing your physical appearance and yourself, so that’s what I’m doing. I have more posts planned, but with no computer and my lovely life, things are a bit delayed. All I can say is in the Fall Out’s likeness, please stand by.


Cass & Mav

Tickled Pink

After much thinking and soul searching, I decided to finally take the leap and dye my hair pink! I originally was thinking a pale pink would be gorgeous, but my hair is far too dark to transform that quickly, so with the help from Kaylah from The Dainty Squid’s Hair Master Post (who recommended the hair therapy session mask, placenta leave-in conditioner, and boar brush), I picked out the perfect hair items to achieve my raspberry locks.

It took me about a week to prepare my hair for the bleaching process. My natural hair is curly and a dark brown. I have never entirely bleached my hair and the past experience I have with it, I let a friend ruin the ends of my long hair because she had no idea what she was doing. I almost always go to a stylist recently since I know I am not an expert, but I used to color my hair reds and browns and blacks myself because my hair does not hold color well at all, so I knew I would have to bleach to see any results at all.

I used Eva•NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask every night and let it sit 3-5 minutes after shampooing.

The Therapy Session Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment that repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair. Hair is left hydrated, smooth and manageable. KERAVIS PROTEIN – Clinically proven 3X stronger hair. ARGAN OIL – Feeds hair with Vitamins A & E, Omegas 3, 6, 9

I then rinsed with cold water only and pat dry my hair lightly. Afterwards I sprayed Hask Placenta Super Leave-In Conditioning Treatment (which smells amazing, just shake well) all over my hair and let it sit for three minutes before brushing with my Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Brush, which is great for distributing oils throughout your entire head and smoothes hair.

The Hask Placenta Super Leave-in Conditioning Treatment restores life & lustre to bleached, tinted, damaged & relaxed hair. Instant Hair Conditioning Treatment is excellent for all types of hair that has been abused by the heat of blow dryers, Curling irons, tinting, bleaching, relaxing, frequent shampooing & overexposure to the sun. Works Instantly to restore life & lustre to dry brittle hair. This product is not tested on animals.

Eva•NYC Hair Therapy Mask, Spornette Deville Boar Bristle Brush, and Hask Placenta Leave-in Conditioner.

Making sure you have time to really give your natural hair some TLC before you bleach is extremely important to prevent major damage and hair breakage, that will just leave you traumatized and your hair beyond repair.

Here are products I recommend you should also acquire for maintaining healthy hair. I use As I Am Naturally Leave-in Conditioner as well to add some extra moisture to my hair and also promote hair growth. I like this product because it doesn’t weight down my hair and make it feel greasy, so I usually put this on after the placenta leave-in, but either way would work.

Here’s my natural dark hair after conditioning treatment, placenta leave-in, and brushing with the boar brush.

 As I Am Naturally Leave-in Conditioner, a great leave-in is a vital first step in styling. Smooth it on after cleansing and conditioning. Your finished style will be softer shinier and more manageable. This natural wonder keeps tangles away and provides a great foundation for natural styling. It contains an organic strengthening agent, plus natural ingredients that promote hair growth.

Another great product to try, if you don’t want to use the Eva•NYC Hair Mask, is Davine’s Nounou Nourishing Hair Mask for Dry Hair or Nounou Nourishing Repairing Mask for Dry and Brittle Hair that I use here. They both smell amazing and were recommended to me by a stylist I visited in Austin during a lightening treatment several years back.

Nonou Nourishing Hair Mask for Dry Hair – Nourishing and repairing mask for damaged or very dry hair. ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed. Its formula is designed to deeply nourish treated hair, it also makes it soft and silky, giving it body. it does not weigh down the hair.

I did one oil treatment and am planning on doing weekly treatments that stimulate hair growth that I discovered from this infographic on pinterest (source unknown). I have read that it is also healthy to massage your scalp with the oil on as well.

Down to the bleaching process. Some people have recommended using the bleach over an oil of some sort to further protect your hair, but I decided not to go with this option. I used Radical Bleach Kit from Beyond the Zone from Sally Beauty as recommended by Kaylah. (They also have a Color Remover if you absolutely HATE your results). On Thursday night I did the test strip. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to complete the full process, so spread the process out over two days. The test strip test tells you how long you need to leave on your bleaching mix without destroying your hair. Although it gives you estimates on the package as you what time is needed for hair colors, check your color every ten minutes, by having a spray bottle of water near by and spraying the bleach off and rubbing with a damp paper towel.

I ended up having to leave mine on for two hours for my test strip as I have very DARK hair, but on the day of bleaching (Friday) I quickly learned that roots are much different than other hair and lightened at a much more rapid pace than expected. I had to remove the bleach from my roots with a spray bottle and paper towel way earlier than expected. So, I recommend your test strip starts from root to tip!

Tips: Avoid getting the bleach on your skin because it will burn. If you use foil, make sure you get BOTH sides of the strands of hair. Use a buddy if at all possible. If you are alone and like it that way, a couple of mirrors might be able to do the trick, but be ready to do touch ups over the next few days. Also, this hair cap look can terrify your dogs, so don’t take it personally. They still love you and your transformation, your hat just is alarming.

Bleaching Process took around two hours and was immediately washed out afterwards.

Purple Shampoo – purple shampoo is know to take out unwanted yellow and orange tones from bleached hair, although obviously my cheapo ways didn’t help as I tried to borrow some from work for dogs. I am not sure what works the best, but I have heard good things about this brand. Here’s an alternative, I have found, and here is what I used (you can laugh). Smelled good regardless and I knew I was coloring soon, so it didn’t bother me too much. I of course used my hair mask and left it on a bit longer than usual (about 10 minutes) and rinsed well with cold water. It is important to use cold water to rinse your hair, now that it will be bleached and colored to maintain the bright color you desire.

After the bleaching process, “purple shampoo”,  hair therapy mask and spray, and drying

I slept in my newly blonde mixture overnight, to give about twelve hours of relaxing between. I then started my coloring!

Colors: This is totally up to you! Reds? Blues? Greens? You choose! You can get some inspiration from my hairstyle board if you choose to. I don’t recommend Manic Panic as it just does NOT stick to my hair at all and just washes all out, and the cheaper the price, usually the cheaper the quality. I personally chose Punky Colours by Jerome Russell in Flamingo Pink, as recommended by Kaylah as well, to start my color transition. I’ve heard great things about oVertone Haircare products being wonderful, but they are on the more pricy side. I ended up buying the pale pink set, but I returned it, after deciding I may not want to have colored hair for very long as my situation has made an 180º turn around.

The Dyeing Process!

I dyed my hair accordingly to the Punky Colour (available at Ulta and Amazon) instructions (15-30 minutes) leaving it on for about 20-25 minutes. The smell was wonderful (like raspberries) and I tried my best to fill in every single hair spot, although I had to go back the next day and re-bleach and re-color a few stranglers. I did however have a not so good “reaction” to the Punky Colour dye. I began feeling sick automatically after applying. I had my epipen near by to make sure my airway would not close up, as I have severe allergies to some spices and certain unknown things. I felt sick to my stomach the entire time it was on my head and I washed it off at 20 minutes after forming a headache. I suffered from a headache the entire day after that, but I don’t know if it would be related to the possible chemicals in the dye or not.

In the end, I loved my outcome! I later bleached my eye brows and dyed them to match my flamingo pink hair, but after some deep consideration, I plan on dyeing them back to my natural hair color because it just is a bit too much for me believe it or not. I have gotten so many compliments on how much my hair is amazing. I work at hair color acceptance place (although surprise!, my two weeks was submitted yesterday, later more to come on this) and absolutely love showing off my unique hairstyles! Also, I have to say I take WAY better care of my hair now then I ever did when it was natural.


Much Love,


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Jonathan Adler black light / CB2 black light / Door rug, $1,270 / Black and white area rug, $33 / Madison park bedding / Jonathan Adler bath accessory / RabLabs silver coaster / Quail black salt and pepper shaker, $26 / Black lantern / Flower arrangement, $260 / Lemnos black wall clock / Jonathan Adler black throw pillow / Jonathan Adler black throw pillow / Jonathan Adler black throw pillow / Korbo round basket, $145 / Pink home decor / Artificial flower / Brewster Home Fashions gray wallpaper / Colorful home decor / Jonathan Adler candles candleholder / Artificial indoor plant / Diptyque candles candleholder / Sun Zero room darkening curtain / Sass Belle word wall art, $14 / Cultural Intrigue red home decor / BOOK CLASSICS ILLUSION NOTEBOOK / Zuo mid century modern furniture / Dot Bo bean bag chair / Glass end table / Blu Dot media shelve / Kartell accent table, $375 / Leather furniture / SALE Tipi Kids Play Teepee Tent Wigwam Zelt Tente Playtent Kids teepee… / Chartreuse Big Top Balloon Dog Bookend Waiting On Martha / Pet Supplies : Pet Chew Toys : JW Pet Company Chompion Heavyweight Dog… / Kong Air Dog Large Squeaker Tennis Ball Dog Toys 2-Pack

Desires: Mav & Cass

Just a few of our favorite wishes we wanted to share with our pawesome followers. Check out XBOX’s new design laboratory, where you can design your very own custom engraved controller in any color combination you can think of! Also, we recently stumbled across PrideBites: the coolest company that allows you to add your pet’s photo and name to their merchandise which includes dog clothing, placemats, bed, and more! One last thing! We love BarkShop, so many of Mav’s wishes come from there! We hope you like our lists and add some of our picks to yours!

Cass’s Wishlist : February 26th


Mav’s Wishlist : January 21


Cass & Mav