Dog Vlog

Hello lovely followers and new readers! As most of you know I have two lovely little pug princesses that are a big part of my crazy life. I’ve been trying to keep my youtube channel somewhat updated with their troublesome adventures, therefore below, I have included two videos from the past month!

The first one is a look into the first week I brought Eleven “home” to Grandma’s house to get acquainted with Mavis and myself. This time happened to fall while Caleb was off in California for training, so it was an all girls adventure in bringing this tiny soul into our lives. Mavis and Eleven have been best friends ever since meeting and they constantly play back and forth.

The second little clip is from Mae’s first time “home alone,” while Caleb and I took a couple of hours to do errands. What a sad little girl she was. While Eleven was confined to her crate, Mavis took her “freedom” aimlessly roaming around in a confused state of solidarity.

I hope you enjoy the videos above and if you would like to subscribe to our youtube channel, we would love that (unfortunately we can’t even name our channel until we have 100 followers! Okay youtube this is one of the most stupid official rules!)!


Cass, Mav, & Ele

BarkBox Review

Think about how much you spend on your dog each month. Toys, Treats, Food, and various goodies. If you are thinking you roughly spend $20 or more, then you might want to consider subscribing to BarkBox! I first signed Mavis up for BarkBox back in May after seeing an advertisement for the first month free. I had been getting her treats on a monthly basis as it is, so I figured I might as well try it out. I think it’s safe to say that Mav is a major fan.

Mavis with her very first BarkBox

When I saw Mavis’s package on the front porch, I squealed with delight and brought it to the kitchen. I immediately got my squirmy little puglet and began opening it for her. Mav could automatically smell the goodies inside, so she anxiously waited to see what delighted her little nose. The second I got the box open, Mavis leaped over and pulled out the Liberty Ball and went to town. Although the photos may look put together, putting the items back in the box to snap a photo proved more difficult than it looks. This pug baby wanted her treats! Each box has a theme and May’s box happened to be The New York Collection that featured adorable toys to fit in.

May ‘Poo York’ BarkBox Items:

Mav is absolutely obsessed with her toys. She constantly is playing with them! The treats are also a hit with both her and Eli (my boyfriend’s Pomeranian). She gets a Nature Bit’s Bison treat with every lunch and she absolutely adores them! 10/10 for May’s Box.

This past Saturday, Mav got her second BarkBox: The Great Outdoors. Again she was definitely delighted! The toys were extremely cute and the designs were adorable: a pan of bacon and eggs and a S’more! However, the S’more toy was not well made: the materials are awkward for a dog toy and Mavis has already ripped a whole in it after a day of play. Ironically, the S’more dog toy is under the “Heavy Duty” section in the BarkShop. The pan is cute, but a bit awkward, but Mav doesn’t seem to mind and enjoys squeaking away and trying to take the bacon out of the pan. The Bison Cookout Cookies seem to be a favorite for Mav, but the Mutt Mallows make a big mess and are a bit too oversized for this tiny girl! June’s Barkbox 7/10. We both are excited to see what July’s box will bring! Both Mav and Eli love the treats and can enjoy them all month long before the next batch comes in. Also, if we decide to part ways with BarkBox in the future, we will have our favorites picked out for single purchase!

June ‘The Great Outdoors’ BarkBox Items:

Overall, the BarkBox is a wonderful investment, especially if you have multiple pets to enjoy the perks!


Cass & Mav