Griffin’s The Chosen One Birthday


He’s one! He’s one! We made it! Many ups and downs, but our little guy officially turned one on October 5th. Of course, me being the mom that I am, I had to go all out for my son’s birthday celebration. Griffin was loosely named after Harry Potter’s Gryffindor house, so staying true to his namesake, we threw him “The Chosen One” party: a Harry Potter themed first birthday.

I took this opportunity to put my creative talents to work. Since I had just opened my small business, Griff ‘n Co, I wanted to use my son’s party as an example for some of the ideas I can make happen! I took it up myself to create a truly magical setting for my son and his party guests. I made signs, created spell-bounding confections, and purchased props to make his party come to life.


How is it possible my son turned one already? It seems like just he came into the world as my tiny 7lb 1 oz baby and now he’s nearly 25lbs and is easily fitting in to 18 month old clothing! This past year with him has been full of many highs and lows, but I have cherished being a mommy through it all. I wasn’t too sure I would have kids given my medical history, but Caleb and I decided if it was meant to happen, it would happen, and so it did!

I thought I would share my secrets (of chambers) to transforming your party into a truly enchanting get together! So continue reading on if you want the details of my son’s party decor and recipes to making your Wizard party a success!

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