Griffin’s The Chosen One Birthday


He’s one! He’s one! We made it! Many ups and downs, but our little guy officially turned one on October 5th. Of course, me being the mom that I am, I had to go all out for my son’s birthday celebration. Griffin was loosely named after Harry Potter’s Gryffindor house, so staying true to his namesake, we threw him “The Chosen One” party: a Harry Potter themed first birthday.

I took this opportunity to put my creative talents to work. Since I had just opened my small business, Griff ‘n Co, I wanted to use my son’s party as an example for some of the ideas I can make happen! I took it up myself to create a truly magical setting for my son and his party guests. I made signs, created spell-bounding confections, and purchased props to make his party come to life.


How is it possible my son turned one already? It seems like just he came into the world as my tiny 7lb 1 oz baby and now he’s nearly 25lbs and is easily fitting in to 18 month old clothing! This past year with him has been full of many highs and lows, but I have cherished being a mommy through it all. I wasn’t too sure I would have kids given my medical history, but Caleb and I decided if it was meant to happen, it would happen, and so it did!

I thought I would share my secrets (of chambers) to transforming your party into a truly enchanting get together! So continue reading on if you want the details of my son’s party decor and recipes to making your Wizard party a success!

I see you have chosen to continue reading! First of all thank you for doing so, I appreciate your interest and hope that you are enjoying my blog.



  • High Chair “One” Wizard Banner – We bought this cute banner and it was the perfect color combination and a wonderful touch to Griffin’s high chair. ($10.99, Amazon)
  • Happy Birthday Potter Sign – This banner made of felt letters was inexpensive and just what we were looking for! It also included Harry Potter scar temporary tattoos to include in the guest’s goodie bags ($11.99, Amazon)
  • School Trunks – How cute is this little set of trunks?! Make your toddler feel like he is actually heading off to Hogwarts with this tiny set. ($52.33, Amazon)
  • Spell books – I love this little set of spell books! It does have a skull on the top of it, but I just covered that up with another prop. ( The spell book I ordered from Michael’s was a seasonal decoration and is now out of stock, however here is a similar one: $32.99, Amazon; you could also make your own by covering books you have with brown kraft paper and putting your creative skills to work!)
  • Nimbus 2000 – This was just a necessity for Griffin’s photo shoot! Too cute to turn down for our little wizard. ($22.91, Amazon)

Handmade Decorations:


  • Ollivander’s Wands Sign and Wands – Supplies: Cardboard and Paint
    Wands – I purchased the wands as a base, but they were a bit to colorful to fit our party so we did a little transformation using a glue gun, spray paint, and glitter paint. They were a hit, although some of the paint peeled off after a couple weeks and they are not the best for babies who will be trying to eat them! (Wands – $11.98, Amazon, Spray Paint – $9.99, Hobby Lobby, Glitter Paint (in Purple) – $4.99, Hobby Lobby)


  • Treat Trolley – I had purchased a Laundry Cart a few years back at the Exchange Fort Hood Military base, however you can purchase the same one from Macy’s or a similar one at IKEA or Target! I filled my trolley up with goodies: Golden Snitches, Slytherin Snakes, Bertie Bott’s Beans, and Popcorn (See The Recipes & Confections section below)! I also added some cute goodie to-go boxes for guests to take home with them as a party favor. I made the ‘Anything Off The Trolley Dears?’ sign using a blank wooden sign, gold paint, and a calligraphy pen. The other signs were made using scrapbook paper and golden calligraphy pens and paint. I adhered them to my trolley using zip ties. (Cart – $24.99, Macy’s; $29.99, IKEA, $35.00, Target; Iridescent Foil Gable Boxes – $3.99, Hobby Lobby, Zip Ties, $4.99Hobby Lobby, Blank Wooden Sign – $2.99, Hobby Lobby)


  • Hogwarts Express – I bought the cutest little train (unfortunately sold out for now, but I included the link that it was found at just in case they restock) for Griffin that made for perfect entertainment for the tiny tots! I gave it a little makeover by painting the Hogwarts Express on the front cover and added soft balls to turn it into a ball pit! Best thing is that Griffin loves it still and enjoys playing in it at home! (Train – $34.99Amazon, Balls – $13.99, Amazon)
  • Floating Candles – I saw this idea on Pinterest back in June and started saving toilet paper rolls like a mad woman. I ended using about sixteen empty rolls. I first used a glue gun to make a “melted wax look.” Once dried, I followed up with some off-white paint to give it a candle-like appearance.  I bought a set of LED tealights and glued them towards the top of the candle, but low enough so that the top of the flame would show past the toilet paper roll. I then used fishing line and an x-acto knife to cut holes on each side of the candle and tie knots on both sides. One finished you just loop the fishing line and pull the candle through to hang them! (All Purpose Hot Glue Gun – $3.99Hobby Lobby, Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks – $2.99, Hobby Lobby, Set of LED Tea Lights – $9.99Hobby Lobby)

Recipes & Confections:



  • Homemade Confetti Cake and Cupcakes – I attempted two different recipes to make my son’s birthday cake. The first cake I made was ‘healthy’ alternative discovered on Pinterest that we used for his Cake Smash photos. Griffin didn’t seem to be a fan, so I moved on to a tasty homemade funfetti for his birthday party. These cakes were a hit! They were so delicious with a few alterations (half the butter in the frosting) to the recipe from Posh in Progress. We decorated them with colorful left over jelly beans from our huge bag we bought, Pop Rocks, and Sprinkles.


  • Polyjuice Potion – To make this delicious potion punch I used one to two quarts of lime sherbet, and two liters of 7 Up, and green food coloring! Simple and perfect for sugar-loving kids!


  • Golden Snitches – To make the most perfect Golden Snitches, I bought a 24 count Ferrero Rocher, peeled the labels off, cut out wings from blank printer paper, and hot glued them on each side of the gold wrappers. These were tedious treats to make, but they added the perfect finishing touch to my trolley and the guests ranted and raved about them. ($11.59Target)
  • Chocolate Frogs – Every Harry Potter party needs delicious chocolate frogs to make their treat table or trolley come to life. I was surprised by how easy these were to make with the help of my little dipper crockpot and melting chocolates. We made two three different flavors: salted caramel, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. (Crock-Pot Little Dipper – $14.99Target; Frog Mold – $4.99Amazon; Candy Wafers – $1.99 – $3.59Hobby Lobby)


  • Bertie Bott’s (not) Every Flavoured Beans – Jelly Belly to the rescue. We had to have jelly beans for his party as they are a staple in Harry Potter. ($19.34Amazon)
  • Slytherin Snakes – Trolli Sour Worms are one of my favorite candies so it seemed lie the perfect addition to my trolley. ($5.69 – Target)
  • Gringott’s Gold – Chocolate Coins + Empty Baby Food Jars with painted tops. ($1.00, Target)
  • Popcorn Favors – Last, but not least, I added popcorn favors to balance out the sweets and add a little savory. I picked up a bag at Sam’s Club of individually wrapped popcorn bags made for Halloween treats!

Griffin’s Outfit Details: Robe, Shirt, Vest, Tie + Glasses, Hat, Scarf – (sold out) Target, Pants, Shoes.

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Griffin had such a good turn out and I am so blessed to have him in my life along with the wonderful people who took the time to come and celebrate his first year of life. I have learned so many things from my son in his first year. Patience is absolutely key and laughter is the best medicine for getting through the tough times. Take everyday as a new beginning and treasure every moment. It seems cliche to say, but it really does fly by. This past year has taught me that I can accomplish anything. Through the most traumatic birth and putting my son first despite my health, I can happily say that the job of being a mother has been the hardest, but most rewarding and joyous one I have ever had the pleasure of having.

Here’s to ONE!



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