Be Kind to One Another Boxes

I am incredibly honored and appreciative to have been chosen to receive a “Be Kind to One Another Box” from the lovely Cass Reitano (@indisposedandundiagnosed). My incredible fiancé (@caleb_robin_son) nominated me to receive one of these surprise boxes that Cass so graciously send to worldwide suffers of chronic illness. While I am so excited for my package of goodies (that companies graciously donate and Cass works day after day to put together and collect donations and products, etc.) to arrive, I am even more excited that I have gained such wonderful friendships through this project and the community. I can’t begin to explain how great it feels knowing that I can talk to others who can get a similar idea of what I’m going through. While explaining and venting to my fiancé, friends, and family, it’s just not the same as telling someone who knows exactly how you feel. I often feel that I complain too much around those close to me because I constantly am saying my back hurts or my neck hurts, but honestly my brain is just wired to say what is on my mind at the time (I’m bad at holding back), so expressing how I am feeling to another spoonie is relieving because they know it is a daily thing and it’s not like a cold that will fade away with some Nyquil and rest. Cass has been so incredibly kind to me and we now talk almost daily on how one another is doing. I urge you to please share the Be Kind to One Another Boxes donation page and/or donate if you have the availability because this amazing project is uplifting individuals where any pick-me-up is a huge welcome because they are battling different illnesses that can leave them feeling hopeless.


I’ll be returning to this post to include a what’s in my box section and a lovely photo of yours truly with the box! I can’t wait! A huge thanks to Cass, who goes above and beyond to help others.


the information below was used from indisposedandundiagnosed


Much love,

Cass, Mav, and Ele


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