Treat Yourself



Ladies, there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourselves every now and then. I had gone a long time without treating myself to anything other than an occasional frappuccino here and there and lately I’ve been feeling down in the dumps as my pain has becoming more frequent (today I actually had my kneecap dislocated at work!) and my hopes have become increasingly dim. I decided I needed a little pick me up, so I was on the search for a few wardrobe refreshers and a new look.

Asos is one of my favorite clothing brands, especially since they have a petite line! It’s difficult finding dresses and jeans that are the right length and fit when you are 5’2″ and have short little legs. I have learned the difficult way that I need to buy only petite pants and jeans if I want a proper fit.

After my mini shopping spree, I have two tops, two pairs of jeans (which I haven’t bought since 2014), two pairs of socks, a few hair accessories, a new cute and stylish hair cut and color, a little daypack, a pair of glasses (transitions to avoid harming my eyes!), nose rings, a pair of comfy pajamas, and a cute little solar pug! This has probably been my biggest treat to myself to date and I think it was well spent.


I was looking for comfortable and minimalist tops that would go great with most casual outfits.


My last pair of black denim I owned was back in my freshman year of high school, so I definitely wanted to go ahead and purchase a pair to complete an all black modern look. After seeing Bethany’s perfect jeans, I made the decision to add to cart. I also wanted a cute pair of ripped jeans as they have been ever increasingly popular, but not a pair that was overly trashy looking with multiple huge weirdly placed rips.


I love dogs. This is a well known fact to anybody who knows me, so these Balloon Dog printed pajamas were an absolute must!


I have about five pair of pug socks from Asos now. They always have really cute pugs dressed in different themes! Yes please.

Hair Accessories:

As my hair is growing back in I wanted to first get a few hair accessories to try some cute quick up do’s and braids that pinterest makes look so easy. I also went to my favorite hairdresser in Waco, Rebecca at Strandz Salon to even out my awkward undercut growth and get a fresh dark color inspired by the photo above.


I really wanted a Kånken for awhile and I thought, why not? I use my daypack instead of carrying purse. Since I have a hard time remembering to bring things, I love taking this to ensure I have what I need. I also needed some new nose rings. My previous nose rings were  an extremely thing gauge and ended up always twisting and bending in odd locations without and hope of getting the kinks out! These two I bought from Midnight’s Mojo and they are extremely well made. I also am so stoked  on my new glasses. I had been wearing a pair of Derek Cardigan’s for the past few years and they had ended up loosening and getting scratched with wear and tear. I knew I wanted go ahead and try transitions because I have very sensitive blue eyes and wearing sunglasses was only possible with contact or the awkward shove on top of my glasses look, which is never a good thing. This pair is so stylish, well made, and the transitions actually look great with the frame. So happy I got an upgrade! Finally, I got a little Solar Pug for my pug collection because it was just something I had to get 🙂

Don’t be afraid to indulge every now and then!


Cass and Mavis

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