This past weekend Caleb, myself, and the girls (pugs) went to Schertz, Texas to visit my aunt Cindy and uncle Ron. They luckily are located wonderfully, near San Antonio and New Braunfels both, so there is always a lot to do around their home. After a restless night (I only got about four hours of sleep!), we went to my aunt and uncle’s favorite location: Gruene Historic Location in New Braunfels on Saturday. We indulged in wine tasting at the Grapevine (I got a glass of Fiesta Skinny Dippin’ – “Produced in Bend, TX. Refreshing sweet white wine with the strong flavor of crisp green apple and hints of peach“), antique shopping at the Gruene Antique Company, and buying salsa at the Gruene General Store. Other than having a case of the allergies and minimal pain, things were going well until I went into the antique shop.

My aunt and I have always bonded over antique shopping and I found a number of adorable kewpies (I collect Kewpies!) and other treasures while browsing at the Gruene Antique Company. Caleb even bought me a little kewpie figurine, that I fell in love with, making me one happy girl! I came across some turquoise rings in the corner of the shop, turquoise is my favorite stone and I own a couple of beautiful rings. The vendors selling them, however, were the opposite of their rings. They were an ignorant elderly couple that decided to talk crap about me as I began walking off. “I wouldn’t sell to her anyways, I don’t like her”, the man whispered to his wife.  Based on the sole purpose that I have tattoos, I am a target for hateful ignorance. Anyone who knows me, know that I am most kind to everyone I meet. I’m respectful, especially to older individuals, because that was the way I was raised. I felt a bit broken as I had a flashback to my days as a adolescent constantly being judged on my appearance.

I confided in Caleb my pain and he began shaking in anger. He marched right back over to the rings and decided to stare the old man down. I have overcome so much to be set back with hate. If they knew an ounce of what I go through on a daily basis, maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to judge. I was in shock. Apparently my money is no good with the turquoise vendors because of my tattoos…?  My body shape wasn’t the target this time, but my feelings still took a hit. I tried to brush it off, but the rest of the day I became paranoid about people looking at me and I had wished I had dressed differently. I became self conscious and thought if only I wore my jeans with my tank top/kimono combo, but then I would have been hot and I shouldn’t have to feel this way about myself. Why do others judge so harshly on looks and appearance. So what I have tattoos? Does that make me a bad person? Does that make me unworthy of purchasing THEIR rings? I tried to brush it off and get on with the day, but the discrimination lingered with me for the rest of the trip. If you have tattoos, do you ever experience ignorance at its finest?

After the ordeal, we ate at the Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar, enjoyed the beautiful river view, and enjoyed exploring the shops of Gruene.

The weekend was pleasant because we were with family, although I found that a lot of people around that area were rude to Caleb and I for no apparent reason (our interracial relationship? our tattoos? Caleb’s race?). I won’t even get started on the restaurant horror that happened on the following day. Long story short rude owner, over an hour wait, no service, and excuse after excuse.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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