If you have never lost a pet, it is indescribable sorrow. Mixed emotions of being grateful for all the wonderful memories that you shared together, but deep loss that you no longer will share your days together. Oliver was my cat of eleven years. I adopted him in Carteret county in North Carolina where I was told he was born under a house during a hurricane. I originally wanted a female cat badly and Oliver was “marked” as female under the name April. After looking at all the cats and kittens in the shelter, only this beautiful grey tabby kitten was interested in me. I decided that “April” was destined to be mine. The shelter worker examined the little three-month-old kitten and responded that I would not want this one. I was confused. This kitten was so perfect and precious. The lady told me that she was actually a he. I was a little dismayed, but I was in love! There was no changing my mind. My dad and I payed the adoption dues and Oliver became my 13th birthday present although I got him on November 16, 2005, three months before my birthday. Oliver was flea covered, so we worked hard on getting him healthy. By my side through several moves, Oliver was the only cat alongside four dogs and even more special, he belonged to me. I went through major life changes with him there and he was often the fur I cried on through numerous heartbreaks. He was generally a healthy boy despite having horrible allergies and he had severe PTSD around veterinarians, after my mom made him get declawed as a kitten. In his later years he became the sweetest boy; nudging anybody’s head that was close. In 2014 he began having seizures, so I made sure he got a whole work up to find the source of the problem. The vet couldn’t exactly say why Oliver began having these kind asides other than sometimes older cats develop seizures in rare cases. Despite getting yearly vaccinations and examinations, a feline leukemia test came back with a slight positive. I worked in the vet industry for three years and my animals’ health was extremely important to me, so I was shocked and saddened, as well as clueless as to how he could have gotten this disease. Oliver did not spend anytime near other cats and h was strictly an indoor cat. My only speculation is that maybe he picked it up from a house I moved into or maybe the could’ve gotten it from his mother. After a year of Valium therapy, Oliver’s seizures luckily stopped. He was an amazing cat. He loved hiding in boxes and when he was younger he loved licking ‘Gogurt’ frozen yogurt. He often would carry around socks or gloves meowing letting us know he had killed his next victim. He was my best friend and he will be heavily missed. This past Wednesday he went to heaven after having breathing difficulties and no appetite. Upon taking him to the vet, they found he had fluid in his chest and around his heart. I was there with him as he left this world and I hope I get to see him again when I do.

In loving memory of Oliver April “Mr. Kitty” (September 2005 – January 2017)

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