The tiny house movement has taken the nation by storm and with economic and environment friendly options, it’s no clue as to why. I have definitely spent the past couple of years drooling over the amazing tiny houses that have been produced by talented designers across the U.S. Why are so many people turning to tiny houses as their dream retirement homes? I believe it is because of a few intelligent reasons. Firstly, the house is relatively affordable. You can have the house designed to fit your exact liking using maximize space. Usually these houses can be easily transported to your desired location. Unlike your standard house, tiny houses are often mobile and can essentially travel with you across thousands of miles! Just think, you never have to pack and unpack boxes for moving again if you tire of your surroundings! Most people choose a scenic location to enjoy their small living, but city options are also available. Plus, you won’t have to worry about loud neighbors for long. Another perk of a small house, easy cleanup. If you have a small living space, you automatically will clean after yourself more because you will see your “mess” every day if you don’t. No more wasted hours spring cleaning. You’ll maximize your space with clever storage options that will help effectively tackle your clutter. Although it will initially be a huge downsize in most cases, the space one lives in does not determine happiness; the people you surround yourself and how you respond to circumstances does. The environment friendly houses are decreasing the space that takes to permanently place a house, reducing the “footprint” left on our precious land. Many small houses include eco-friendly appliances and water options to reduce pollution.

I personally, want a tiny house because I often get overwhelmed at the house chores that get piled up and ignored over weeks and weeks. Often we have the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” living concept, which becomes pretty embarrassing with unexpected visitors. I live with my boyfriend, his brother, and three pets, but I spend about 95+% time in my bedroom alone, which is about 200 square feet, so I already appreciate a cozy living space. Everything you need is close by, which means you don’t have to run across a cold tile floor, half naked, for a midnight snack. A small place is practical for my anxiety as well because I feel comfortable in small space, almost as if it is a blanket wrapping around me. My collections can actually be appreciated on a daily basis and not just displayed in an empty spare bedroom. The temperature also can be easily regulated. Think how economically friendly heating and cooling a small place is, in comparison to a large space. The entire space will actually feel the temperature you are desiring and you won’t feel frustrated with constant temperature adjusting that just never reaches you. I won’t have the panic that I feel when I cannot locate my troublesome hiding kitty cat as I would be able to see him from almost any location in the house!

Of course sacrifices must be made for a small house. Limited space means limited belongings. This includes clothing, shoes, furniture, décor, dvds, etc. Since I am at such a young age right now, I do not have many possessions that I deem necessary to hold on to, so a tiny house might just be the perfect option for someone like me. I also know that I would like to relocate in the future depending on where my career and schooling takes me. My dream location is somewhere around the Washington or Oregon area where I would love to hike in my spare time and enjoy beautiful nature. If you haven’t considered a small house, I definitely think you should consider it an option. Think about living your life practically loan free for permanent housing! If that doesn’t hook you, the previous perks mentioned above might just sway you. I’ve included some tiny houses that I am head over hills in love with. I am especially smitten with shipping container homes too!

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