Life as of Now.

As you can tell I went on a bit of a hiatus. Although I wish I could say it was because I was having such a wonderful time, that I forgot to journal about them, but sadly this is not the case. Since December, I’ve spent practically most days in bed; whether it’s playing call of duty or making eBay posts in attempt to make some money (3 months of unemployment can’t be good for anybody), I just haven’t been too well. I have my good days like today, but I have bad days. A lot of bad days, but I’m hoping it’s just apart of the healing process.

I had a wonderful Christmas close to home, but I had to battle being sick through the holidays. My boyfriend and I spent Christmas at our house because on Christmas Eve I went to the doctor’s office with non stop vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. The doctor assured me it wasn’t a virus and that I was suffering from withdrawals. Thing is, I’m still having these issues often, even now. Although, I nearly passed out at HEB while picking up my prescription to relax my stomach muscles, I made it through and had a wonderful time with Zach’s family and my mom. We were gifted some amazing gifts that really made me feel so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. We basically had four different ‘Christmases’ or family gatherings: Zach’s immediate family, Zach’s extended family, my mom, and my dad. We went down to Lake Livingston to visit my dad around the 27th. My best friend, Dianne, who my dad calls his “drinking buddy” joined us for a two day visit. It was completely bitterly freezing in Livingston and it messed with my joints and muscles severely. I’ve been using essential oils to try to alleviate some of this and warm baths, but it’s been bad.

Another issue is my heart is acting up. I sincerely believe that I have POTS (post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and have had several tachycardia episodes which include hand tremors. It honestly feels like I have adrenaline just running through my body for no apparent reason. I visited the cardiologist, who ordered me to wear a Ziopatch for two weeks (haven’t yet received) to monitor my arrhythmias, just the new accessory need for back to school. Honestly, I’m praying that they will catch it and just diagnose me so I can get to treatment.

I had my one month check up with Dr. Parrish and I am healing so well. I starthritic-glovesill have vertical nystagmus and some memory issues, but I’ve been doing relatively well. My hands and feet however, have not beed doing good. The lack of sensation has definitely worsened in my limbs. I’m probably at 40% of what I should be feeling. I just bought some themoskin gloves today in hopes that it may help with the heat regulating problems. I asked Dr. Parrish about these problems and he says I may be noticing it more now that I’ve had my CSF returned to normal, but I’m still debating this.


I’ve had ups and downs this year already. My doberman, Max, passed away on January 4th after battling kidney failure. He was almost thirteen and he’s been a wonderful companion. It was definitely hard. Losing a family pet that I’ve grown up with has just been heartbreaking. I feel as if I have lost a brother. I know that he is no longer suffering, but the ache. In good new, Juliana Nova, my second niece was born on January 15th, 2016. She’s so extremely tiny, it’s unreal. I am looking forward to getting to spend some more baby time with her.

On January 14th, I got a memorial tattoo in honor of my grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 79 years old. She taught me to love sewing. She gifted me all of her sewing items and I will be picking up her Singer sewing machine that she has been using since my dad, uncle, and aunt were kids. I got a tattoo of a pincushion in the shape of heart to signify this love we shared together. The wonderful Clamore Wolfmeyer did and excellent job and I, for the first time after getting a tattoo, began tearing up because it meant so much to me; to add a piece of my grandma to my sleeve.


Today marks exciting news as well, as I had an interview this afternoon for a new job! It’s at an optical surgery center and they are interested in training me to be a surgery technician. I am beyond stoked, although it’s in a separate path from veterinary work. I want to explore my options and put my biology background to good use. I have a follow up interview tomorrow and I cannot wait! My boyfriend also got an interview with a follow up and we will know news by this week.

I begin school this Friday in my last Spring semester (hopefully) at Texas Tech University for my Bachelor in Biology with a Chemistry minor. I am expected to graduate in 2016, December. I cannot wait and beyond thrilled. I have worked so hard to get where I am and am praying that this works for me. I love learning, so I am looking for guidance through this time.

Also, if you live nearby Texas, you should definitely try to stop at Joanna and Chip Gaines’s Market at Silos in Waco. My best friend and I enjoyed an amazing day shopping for rustic decor, eating Pei Wei, and shopping with my gift cards. I bought two galvanized letters, some faux (but amazingly realistic) florals and a fern and a totally awesome Waco shirt (I’m a native so it suits me [from the market]), a Columbia jacket (Belk’s gift card), Kick Ass, In Time, and Limitless (Best Buy gift card). My boyfriend and I also upgraded to a Xbox One for a GameStop trade of a PS4, Xbox 360, plus several games, and a controller or two. We got me and awesome controller that changes colors, Call of Duty and Destiny. It was a great day.

Much love and sorry for the quick post to wrap up the last month




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