The MRI and Pain

Last Tuesday I had my MRI. I still have no results as of yet. The whole process was completely fine for me because I took two of my anti-anxiety medications which knocked me out for the entire process. There was one period where they woke me up and said I was jerking too much in my sleep and had to reshoot for 10 minutes. They added contrast in, which I vaguely remember. The process took about an hour and thirty minutes. The machine was loud and their is something that goes over my face, which made me even more glad to have taken my anti anxiety meds as I am a bit claustrophobic. I am hoping that I should get the results by today or tomorrow.

Last night during and after my night class I had severe back and neck pain and muscle pain in my thighs and arms. The pain was an 8/10 and brought me to tears. I contemplating going to the emergency room, but I remembered that I had my MRI already and that there is really nothing they can do except give me pain medications and perhaps a spinal tap, if that. I took some pain medication to help ease the pain and laid on the flat ground trying to relax. This morning when I woke up the same pain continued to linger in my lower back. I called to make an appointment with a Physician’s assistant, as that is all my provider had available and am hoping for some pain medication (I finished my very last dose of pain meds from my surgery back in 2013) and hopefully a rush on the MRI results. My lower back is so painful. I am trying to stay still and relax on the couch until my 1 o’clock appointment. I am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get relief.

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